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The first complete and fully balanced raw pet food diet for any species of pet.

What is EvoLove Raw?

EvoLove Raw is the first raw pet food that provides a complete and fully balanced diet for any species of pet. Our raw pet food separates macronutrients (meat, fat, bone and organ meat) from the micronutrients.
This allows pet owners to assemble the diet in their home to make a truly species-appropriate diet with the highest possible nutrient value. Think of it as designer diet for your fur babies!

Why did I separate the meat from the supplements?

I chose to separate the macro nutrients (meat, fat, bone and organ meat) from the micro nutrients (vitamin, mineral and superfoods) so the products retain their maximum nutrient quality and can be dosed for each pet’s needs.

Fatty acids are another critical component of a balanced diet. Most fatty acids are exposed to oxygen which will quickly cause them to go rancid. Rancid fatty acids are more dangerous than no fatty acids.

The fatty acid supplement I recommend is packaged in buffalo collagen, eliminating exposure to oxygen and maintaining the highest quality.

Raw ground beef, round patties for making burgers

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